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Louis M. Green

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Oklahoma City, OK 73112

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 Consumer abuse is seemingly rampant.

Whether it's  Home Mortgage Scams perpetrated by some of the best known names in the financial markets, Dishonesty by Investment Firms, Car Dealers, Debt Collectors & Credit Reporting Agencies, You and I are seemingly under assault like never before!   

 I'm a LOCAL* Oklahoma Attorney who has practiced law for over 20 years and has focused on Consumer Law for over 15. 

* Local (i.e. Not an Out-of-State  Internet Law Firm)

 Is your new or used car or truck a lemon? 

Have you taken your car to the dealership many times, and they just can't get it right?

Have you called the manufacturer's 800 number, and they told you that you were just out of luck? 

I handle Lemon Law cases!


 Have you bought a car that you think has been wrecked or been in a flood?
Has the Odometer Been Rolled Back? 

 Has a Car Dealership Played Games With You on the Contract & Financing? 

Do You Think You've Just Been Plain Ripped Off? 

I handle Automobile Fraud cases!


 Are You Being Sued For a Credit Card Account That You Don't Think You Owe, Don't Remember, or the Party Suing You is a Business You've Never Heard Of? 

You Don't Have to Give Up.  Just Because You're Being Sued Doesn't Automatically Mean That They're Right! 
I Handle Credit Card Defense Cases!

Since Consumer Cases Are Usually Time-Sensitive, the Sooner You Act, the Better.  


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